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Paulette Haupt
Director Thomas Kail, Writer Lin-Manuel Miranda, and NMTC Artistic Director Paulette Haupt rehearse IN THE HEIGHTS at the O'Neill's National Music Theater Conference in July of 2005. [Click photo to enlarge]
Paulette Haupt
Andrew Lippa, Paulette Haupt, and Kirsten Childs at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center. [Click photo to enlarge]
Paulette Haupt
Paulette Haupt artistic director and co-founder of the National Music Theater Conference conducts a rehearsal of RAPPACCINI'S DAUGHTER by Michael Cohen and Linsey Abrams for NMTC 1981. Photo by A. Vincent Scarano.
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Does anyone know more about putting a new musical together than Paulette Haupt?  I don't think so.  Her expertise in the field of musical theatre - her knowledge of the players, the intricacies and nuances of collaboration, and the multiple facts of development and production - is unparalleled.
Sue Frost, Producer
Broadway: Memphis, Come From Away
Paulette Haupt is one of the most knowledgeable minds in the business. She has been involved with the development of some of the most important American musicals and as a result, knows her way through the art and business of Musical Theater storytelling like no one else. Her gift for spotting talent and nurturing it is second to none. I am proud to be one of the writers she has taken under her wing, my artistry has benefitted beyond words.
Michael Thurber, Composer  
What rhymes with Haupt?  Creativity!  That's what.  Integrity! Joy! Grit! Delight! Musical Theater itself.  Paulette's accomplishments are now securely tied up with the accomplishments of generations of musical theater writers. Haupt rhymes with "Yes!"
Andrew Lippa, composer/lyricist
The Wild Party, The Addams Family, Big Fish
Paulette is many glorious things: a mentor,  champion, dramaturge, producer, practitioner, friend, all wrapped into one. I have worked with her on three projects over the past five years, and she has brought extraordinary perception and wisdom to each of our journeys together. The styles of music in the shows have ranged from African to Middle Eastern to electronic, proving she is as stylistically adept as she is nurturing and rigorous.  I would unabashedly go as far as saying that she is a living treasure in the American Musical Theater.
Saheem Ali, Playwright, Director  
I'd be hard-pressed to find a person more passionate about the making of musicals than Paulette Haupt.
Michael John LaChiusa, Composer, Lyricist  
There's nobody I know who's more knowledgeable, supportive, inventive and inspirational than Paulette Haupt.  Through MTM, her vast experience with all aspects of musical theater makes her a unique guide and resource for those of us who can never get enough mentoring help!
Ellen Fitzhugh, Lyricist  
I can't think of anyone more qualified than Paulette Haupt to offer professional mentorship in the world of Music Theater. Not only is she highly experienced with shepherding a countless number of new works through all stages of development, but she is also a superb musician in her own right.  The ability to understand and interpret music on such a high level, in combination with her vast experience and knowledge with developing new work, makes her uniquely qualified and highly valued in our profession.
Joseph Thalken, Composer  
As an actor, singer and writer I have experience first hand over many years the expertise, perseverance and grace with which Paulette Haupt has shepherded complex music-theater pieces into the world. To each project she brings a musician's solid skills, a theater artist's vision, and the ardent love of a parent.
Martin Moran, Playwright, Actor  
I have known Paulette for over 40 years as a consummate musician. From opera/music theater coaching and conducting to producing and promoting the American Musical Theater at the O’Neill Center, as well as creating the PREMIERES ‘Inner Voices’ series. She has shown great vision and commitment, but perhaps best of all, her impeccable good taste and judgement.
Mary Beth Peil, Actress  
Paulette Haupt has the eye, the ear and the heart to nurture new musical theatre work to its greatest fruition. She has the uncanny ability to match the right collaborators to work together and the expertise to help guide the collaborative process in every area of development.
Vicky Bussert, Director  
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